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Brief History

Bakolia Govt. College, Chittagong.

Bakolia Govt. College started its freshjourney as general college from 12-05-2016. Former it was a Govt. CommercialInstitute since 1966. It is an ideal institution situated at Rahattarpoool justbeside Bohaddarhat-Shah Amanat Bridgelink road. The college provides standard education among the students of HSClevel. Students who passed the SSC or equivalent exams are eligible to getadmitted here in three groups namely Science, Humanities and Business Studies.Opening of Bachelor’s programs in this college like BA, BSS, B.B.S, B.Sc, Passand Honours courses are under process. A number of expert teachers teach thestudents with great care and sincerity. The college campus is green, calm andnon-chaotic. It offers a congenial academic environment. Prof. Mohd.Siraj-ud-dawola, an eminent educationist of the town, is serving as thePrincipal of this college. The college is going on smoothly for his propermanagement, clean guidance and motivative administration. The college isgradually developing academically and infrastructurally. If this continues, itwill be the best institution of the port city Chittagong.


Apart from studies, otherco-curricular activities like annual sports, study tour, cultural week, Banglanew year celebration and observation of National Days etc. are arranged with theactive participation of the students and others concerned. These activitiesplay an important role in flourishing the students’ merit and minds.


Our motto is to provide ourstudents with quality education in order to make them ideal citizens of thecountry.


Rules & Regulation of the College.

1. Orientation Program :

Orientation Classes are arrangedfor all the students enrolled into every new class. Presence in orientationclass is obligatory for every student.

2. Attendance:

According to the rules ofEducation Board every student must have at least 75% attendance in the classesto make him/her eligible for sitting in the final exam.

3. College Uniform And Identity Card:

Wearing college uniform andcarrying identity card in the campus is a must for every student. Studentswithout Uniform and identity card are not allowed in the class.

4. Internal Examination:

Attending in the examination isobligatory for every student. Failure to attend any internal exam without assigningproper reason results in the ineligibility of student to sit for the finalexam.

5. Student Counseling: Students counselors have the incredible responsibilityto work closely with students. The Counselor provides individualized attentionto a student with a view to making him/her more attentive to studies.

6. Discipline: A vigilance team is always active to supervise theacademic atmosphere of the college. The team supervises the scheduled class,ensures students college uniform and their presence in the class. Besides, theteam is very aware of any unwanted incident happening in the campus.

7. Guardians Day:

Guardians of the students areregularly informed  of any problemregarding the students. Progress Report of every student is provided to the guardiansregularly.  The college also arrangesGuardians’ Day on the eve of the publication of internal exam results.

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Principal’s Message

History of the institute

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Rules and Regulations of the Institute